White Stripes to Release Earliest Recordings.



According to British music mag-site NME.com, the White Stripes will be releasing demos of some of their earliest tracks, including alternate takes of the single “Let’s Shake Hands” and B-Side “Look Me Over Closely.” The music will be posted at the website of Jack’s own record label, Third Man Records, and is being included in a special offer to members of “The Vault,” the label’s subscription program. Also included in the package is a vinyl copy of a live London performance of the Raconteurs and a screen print poster of Jack’s latest project, The Dead Weather.

A subscription to the Vault is priced at $7 a month, and promises regular giveaways to members in addition to other exclusive content. Registration ends October 22nd.

In other Jack White news, “It Might Get Loud,” the documentary of a summit between Jack, Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and U2’s the Edge on the artistry of the electric guitar, will be released December 22nd on both DVD and Blu-Ray. The DVD is priced $27.96; the Blu-Ray will cost extra. More info on that over at Movieweb.com


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