Revisiting Permanent Records.


Permanent Records in Brooklyn (specifically, Greenpoint) is an excellent store for garage rock — and I do not exaggerate when I say within five minutes, I already had four records in my hands ready to go. Purists on the prowl for original first pressings may be a little disappointed in that it’s not exclusively dedicated to the genre, but for those of us who just want to hear the music regardless of collectable status, they keep an excellent selection of individual bands and compilations. I picked up Sundazed Records’ re-release of Chocolate Watch Band’s “No Way Out,” plus “Too Much Noise” by Florida’s We the People, and the label’s most recent regional overview, “We’re Gonna Change the World!: The 60’s Chicago Garage Sound of Quill Productions.” I also grabbed a compilation of The Weeds’ original release, mixed with material from when they were known as “The Lollipop Shoppe.”

Beyond the incredible variety of garage rock, the store is a must for any and all record enthusiasts. An excellent collection of used stuff, all of it in very good condition — even the bargain bin stuff fares better than your usual bottom-of-the-barrel records that show some wear in the sleeves. Though, it must be said that the store is suited more towards those searching for compact disc than vinyl, as their selection of CDs is, well. . . saying it’s ‘impressive’ is an understatement. Overwhelming, perhaps. On first glance, it appears evenly divided, but that’s also due to the store’s impeccable organization of such diverse sound as well as format. In no other store have I found an even chance of finding a copy of the same album on both formats.

In summary, Permanent Records is a can’t miss record-buying experience. Not just for the garage and psych-minded, but for anyone looking for a clean copies of anything from soul to blues to hip-hop, and acts as an occasional cozy show space, not too far from the Downtown section of Greenpoint.


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  1. Did you take that shot? It’s really nice.

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