For the Last Time, People: Led Zeppelin Will NEVER Reunite Ever Again.

For whatever reason, when Robert Plant talks, people don’t listen. They only hear “Led Zeppelin is reuniting!” This is simply not the case. Never will be. is calling a brief statement by Robert Plant to play at Glastonbury’s 2010 Festival an intention of reunited the mighty Zep — however, even in the text of their own article, you can see that this is not the case.

The London O2 concert was a one-time deal. No more Zeppelin. Never again. Ever. Even with Plant’s coy response to the question of whether he’ll play with anybody, it’s safe to say it ain’t going to be Zeppelin.

My question for the media is why does Zeppelin always seem to be the subject of reunion rumors. Sure, there’s contention between Roger Waters and everybody else in Pink Floyd (not to mention the death of Mason last year), but there’s still potential for them to reunite — it happened once before. And yes, Axl is a recluse who will never apologize to anyone for anything, but all the members of Guns n’ Roses are still alive and, I’m sure, willing to make a buck. So of all the bands with the most noteworthy splits, why is it that Zeppelin always seems to bear the most of it?

On a related note, here’s the single from John Paul Jones’ new band, Them Crooked Vultures, which features Josh Homme on guitar and vocals, and Dave Ghrol on the skins. Of all the new supergroups of the past summer, this one stands among my favorites.


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