Iggy Pop: Living Legend.

Punk Rock Godfather Iggy Pop: Singer, Living Legend, Noteworthy Streetwalkin' Cheetah.

  In a ceremony held last night in London, Iggy Pop was named ‘Living Legend’ by the Marshall Classic Rock Roll of Honour, as voted by the readers of Classic Rock Magazine.  Upon accepting the award, he opened his speech with “It’s been a long dinner, so I’m not going to whip out my dick.” In a room filled with classic rock luminaries as Pete Townshend, Ronnie Wood, Brian May and Billy Gibbons, he established his gratitude to the general music appreciating public the only way the 62-year old garage rock innovator could: “. . . thank you to everybody who has strong feelings about music so that when you hear something you don’t like you wanna fucking kill somebody and when you hear something you like you wanna fuck everybody.”

During his acceptance speech, he thanked, among others, the late Ron Asheton, guitarist of the original Stooges line-up, and bass player when the band became Iggy and the Stooges. He said of his friend and band mate: “‘He was my high school skipping rope buddy, we were pot smoking, LSD taking Stooges together, and I feel really bad.”
In other Stooges news, the first dates of the reformed Iggy and the Stooges have been announced and are currently posted on their MySpace page. As of now, the only dates set are a single performance on November 7th in Brazil, and two dates at All Tomorrow’s Parties in London next May; however, more dates are promised, saying “The real touring starts next year.”
The only thing I have to say on this is that, despite the incredible lament of not seeing the original (well, three members of) the Stooges playing again — to which, I say everyone who did see them were fortunate, lucky people — I am game to see Iggy and the Stooges live. What’s strange is that people are decrying continuing the Stooges as a band when, as Iggy has said before, this is a completely different band. Sure the name is similar as is the sound, but it is an entirely different beast all together. “Raw Power” is, consistently, voted best among Stooges fans, despite Ron Asheton being delegated to bass rather than his original position on guitar. Myself, I would much rather see Ron pound away at the wah-wah pedal like it owes him money, but I will settle for the undeniable talent and punk-virtuosity of James Williamson.

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