All the Pieces: News Bites and Rumors.

– From the Rumor department, this year’s Super Bowl Half-Time Entertainment will be provided by: The Who. This is according to a blogger at

As a Who fanatic, I’m conflicted only because this means they’d get weighed down in the awkward mess that the Halftime show has become over the past eight years. The best show of the past eight years was last year’s with Bruce Springsteen, if only because it was straight-forward. But the all classic rock patronizing the NFL has done is getting very boring as you can see on the performer’s faces that this is a paid gig wherein they are the sideshow. Don’t believe me? Take a look on the faces of the Stones or Tom Petty. Especially Tom Petty.

The Halftime Show is no place for the majesty of Pete Townshend’s songwriting and Roger Daltrey’s muscular vocals.

Tom Waits’ Daughter’s Controversial Artwork.

Did you know Tom Waits’ daughter is an accomplished painter? Did you know she has a gallery of politicians-as-strippers? Check it out here (artistically, potentially Not Safe for Work). I’d post some of her work, but rather than risk offending you, I’ll let you judge it yourself.

The Dead Weather Have A Date in Brooklyn.

Coming back from Stockholm, the Dead Weather have announced one more show date at the Music Hall of Williamsburg for November 17th. Tickets are on sale early to members signed up with the Vault (Third Man Records’ subscription service), and go on sale to the general public November 13th. Check check it out now at the Vault.



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