Steven Tyler is NOT Leaving Aerosmith; Our Long National Nightmare Over.

I’d apologize for the quality, but among all the other video cameras recording this appearance of the Joe Perry Project on November 10th at Irving Plaza in New York City, this one happens to the, ah, most agreeable.

But there you have it.

For the past week or so, it was on the lips of every classic rock DJ in New York City and Long Island: Steven Tyler MIGHT be leaving Aerosmith. Rumors that Steven and Joe haven’t really spoken that much since the end of Aerosmith’s last disastrous, injury-affected tour, and that he wants to work on “the Steven Tyler brand” (which, if I remember correctly, is the Gap). All of it laid to rest by a single performance (and, technically, a cover) of their biggest hit.

I’ll be honest: I’m partial to the idea that this was perpetuated by the band themselves to generate controversy to hype an up-coming album or another go at a tour —  a sort of “last chance to see Aerosmith” sort of deal. It may even have been a gimmick to hype attention to Joe Perry’s own solo effort that was recently released. It wouldn’t surprise me, considering he tried a gimmicky give-away to name the album through Twitter. Such coincidences alone do not necessarily make a publicity stunt, but it has been a rather unusual year for the band from Boston.


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