All the Pieces: News Bites and Rumors (And One Shout Out).

Prior to the bits of news I’ve found, I must beg, implore, and demand that you pay a visit to DJ Honky sometime — either at this MySpace or live. My girlfriend and I caught him at Union Pool (Yes, where we saw the Love Me Nots) the other night flipping 45s of the sweetest soul that had me dancing for the first time in a LONG time. He’s got a limited pressing of his mix tape, “A Yankee In the Court of Northern Soul” — a double set of obscure soul, all ripped from the original 45s, and I highly recommend grabbing a copy. Be sure to listen to it in mono for that silky smooth AM Radio authenticity. Thank you, DJ Honky — you are doing the Lord’s work.

Now then. . . In other news. . .

Beatles Remasters Expanding to Digital and Vinyl.

Apple Corps and EMI have announced a limited release of the entire Beatles catalog in digital format, distributed through a USB drive designed to look like the famous Apple logo (the green one you’d see in the middle of a Beatles’ vinyl record, not the white half-eaten one that may be on the back of your laptop screen somewhere).  The entire album catalog, along with 13 short documentaries on the respective album, will be available in either lossless 24-bit FLAC files (better than CD, closer to the masters), and 320 kbps MP3s. Pics of the USB drives can be found over at The Beatles’ website.

However, the latest Rolling Stone magazine expands this news bit, claiming that vinyl reissues of the Beatles’ albums is currently in the planning stage.

There’s no release date for the vinyl release, but the USB release will be available in North America December 8th.

Jack White to Produce Wanda Jackson album.

Continuing his “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” tour, Jack White is rumored to be producing an album for Wanda Jackson, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this past April. The Oklahoma City singer, 72, took notice of White after his work on Loretta Lynn’s comeback album, “Van Lear Rose,” even taking a swipe at Miss Loretta, saying “They had a super album, but he didn’t have her do anything different, you know, . . . She just did her little Loretta Lynn songs.” The potential release (a digital single may be released before an entire album) may be offered from White’s own Third Man Records, and will be recorded in Nashville.

She has previously worked with other then-up and comers, such as Elvis Costello and the Cramps.


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