Lee Freeman, Guitarist for Strawberry Alarm Clock, Dies at Age 60.

Lee Freeman, the original rhythm guitarist of Strawberry Alarm Clock, passed away February 14th, at his home in the Bay Area of California. He died of cancer at the age of 60.

Though their track “Incense and Peppermints” became a highly anthologized track associated with flower power and a number one hit in 1967, the band never saw much success outside of this one track. Originally starting as the Sixpence, a name capitalizing on the British Invasion in 1965, Freeman was their original vocalist, rhythm guitar, and harmonica player, and remained so long after their initial disbanding, appearing at one-offs and reunion gigs. After the band broke up, he would not appear on another band’s roster until 1982 when he joined Tennessean soul group Lanier and Co. on guitar; however, that band did not find much success either.


One response to “Lee Freeman, Guitarist for Strawberry Alarm Clock, Dies at Age 60.

  1. He also spent some time with Lynyrd Skynyrd by way of Ed King, both live & studio, but largely uncredited. Never an actual member. In fact, the pic above looks more like a Skynrd show than Strawberry Alarm Clock. Some success as a sensitive solo artist, lots of recordings, but never released. Can confirm he also toured with my father, Buzzy Linhart, circa 1999-2002,

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