Bits and Pieces: State of the Blog.

As I have recently been trying to find professional work — particularly, at a music magazine that, out of fear of reprisal should I say something stupid, shall not be named — I have been resting on my comforts as a critic and not doing this blog justice. There’s an entire world of music out there, and I have been putting too much faith into micro-blogging over at the Blip. (Who could have known that introducing a reward system would make blogging about music so much more addicting? My stars, the hours I spend scouring for new tunes!).

As a result, I could not pass along new music to you, without linking to somebody else. To alleviate this problem, I am proud to announce that I have figured a way to stream music onto this blog for your enjoyment. While I may not be able to provide music for immediate download, it is my promise to introduce you to more of what’s out there. Similarly, it is my hope to do more with sharing information regarding tours and shows.

Naturally, I’m open to requests and suggests. But first, let us celebrate our new arrangement with a selection from this blog’s namesake — the album by the same name, the second, by the Blues Magoos.

Pretty great, huh?

Anyway, tomorrow will be far more pressing as tomorrow is not only the release of the White Stripes live documentary and album (which has enjoyed a majority of positive reviews thus far), but the aftermath of finally letting the Stooges and the Hollies into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For now, there’s an interesting article over at regarding the decision to let Abba in to the Hall, and how it seems a little more wrong and misleading to do so, despite years of nominating pop, reggae, and (more recently) rap acts. Yes, rock and roll spawned these sub-genres and has crossed over to be more of a dominant influence to all of these genres, but at some point, it’ll just be the Pop Music Hall of Fame, where anybody who’s ever been in a tabloid has the potential to be nominated. Oh, how can anyone wait the 25 years until Britney Spears is inducted by an elderly Madonna, who will then be referred to as the Gyratin’ Geriatric.

So should they include Abba, just because they’ve made money for years, and because of their know-how of music publishing and licensing law, has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity among the Bagel Bunch of NYC Broadway aficionados? I say nay!

For years, Little Steven has said that there is no justice for the Hall to recognize the Talking Heads, and pass over the Hollies despite immediate eligibility upon the Hall’s founding. Sure, the nomination rules have rendered it so that only the most overtly influential will make it in to the hall. But if the Stooges are now acceptable, in coming years, we could see more outlandish acts like fellow Detroit rockers MC5, influential-yet-non-hitmakers like the Kingsmen, or the Sonics, or even, godwilling, Television.

Seriously. “Marquee Moon.” Spring is coming — if you live in New York City, you’re going to want to listen to that one on some idle midnight, reaching for the skyline.


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