Bits and Pieces: Passover and Easter Edition.

Before I note the latest from around the world, I would like to announce in the coming weeks, I will be creating new pages to help organize specific material. Namely, Reviews of Records and Record Stores. I figure as long as they are the most regular features on ECB, then they should be better organized for you.

Jimi Hendrix’s Next Release: A Homemade Sex Tape.

Valleys of Neptune was released not too long ago, and is being lauded as the most complete among the numerous posthumous releases by Experience Hendrix to be considered a proper album. With Hendrix enjoying a brief surge in mainstream media noteworthiness, it is Kaleidoscope’s pleasure to announce that an eleven minute video featuring the guitar god in the throes of pleasure will be released on May 3rd, tentatively titled “Jimi Hendrix: The Story of the Lost Sex Tape.” If there is any doubt to this being Hendrix, noted rock groupie Cynthia Plastercaster has been called in to confirm that this video is Jimi Hendrix based on her intimate knowledge of the guitar player. In 1968, she took a mold of the rocker’s penis, which stands among some of her accomplishments as the world’s most infamous ah. . . plaster caster of the stars. For more information and a trailer, check out the Hendrix Sex Tape website (WARNING: This website is NOT SAFE FOR WORK).
Or, if you’d like, here’s the video. It may be NSFW language, but the images are clean, documentary-style interview clips.

The Dead Weather Announce New Record, Single.

Over at their official website, the Dead Weather have posted the new cover artwork for the upcoming album Sea of Cowards, as well as a link to a digital download for the first single, “Die By the Drop.” Additionally, you can listen to a streaming version of the song over here. I’m assuming that they not only spent more time on this album, there’s a brighter sound reacts to so much of “Horehound” sounding rather monotone throughout (Disclosure: I’ve come to appreciate it a little bit more the more I listen to it, however, but not by much). Thus far, I like the exploratory sound of this new single, and I’m hoping for big things. The track listing is as follows:

1. Blue Blood Blues
2. Hustle And Cuss
3. The Difference Between Us
4. I’m Mad
5. Die By The Drop
6. I Can’t Hear You
7. Gasoline
8. No Horse
9. Looking At The Invisible Man
10. Jawbreaker
11. Old Mary

. . . Why do bands post song titles before their release? Is the subject matter supposed to be enticing for what it’s going to SOUND like? I guess that’ll strictly appease those who’ve heard newer material at shows lately.

Video Released of Iggy Pop’s “Last Stage Dive.”

Rolling has released footage of Iggy Pop’s stage dive from this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. According to Iggy, it was a decision made on a whim, and he guesses the audience didn’t expect it, resulting in a tumbling onto the floor below. In the video, Iggy, who is 62, immediately recovers in time for the first verse of the Stooges’ classic “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” The video can be found here.

Iggy and the Stooges reformed recently to tour Europe. This is the “Raw Power” line-up of the band — with the exception of Ron Asheton who died last January. Asheton was originally the Stooges’ guitarist before switched to bass for the group’s third album, and replaced by James Williamson.


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