Jack White’s Tribute to Sir Paul Video Leaked.

The PBS tribute to Paul McCartney, filmed earlier last month at the White House, has already offered some interesting tidbits — such as that the guest list includes Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, Emmylou Harris among others — and that it ends with all of guests involved performing “Hey Jude.”

However, today, the (complete?) performance of “Mother Nature’s Son” by Jack White has been released.

If you want to keep this video a surprise, then check your local listings for July 28th to see the tribute air live on PBS.

For everyone else, the video is after the jump.

Watch the full episode. See more In Performance at The White House

For those wondering, the other song Jack sings (as he is wont to do in live performance) is from Paul McCartney’s first solo album, McCartney, and it is called “That Would Be Something.” If you’re familiar with the sort of music that Jack White has a tendency to cover, it has that blues-y key to it, and a melody segment that Jack’s been known to use. Hell, if his facial expressions are any indication, I don’t think he wanted to do “Mother Nature’s Son” to begin with, as “That Would Be Something” already sounds like a Jack White-penned tune.

Otherwise, it’s a fine performance. His facial expressions seem to say he’s aware that he’s screwing up, and the audience is unaware. All in the mind, Jack; it’s all in yer head.


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