The Primitives Plan New Album, Potential Tour.

The Primitives. No, not that one. Or that one. Yes, those Primitives.

After almost 20 years since their last album, Galore, was released, British pop-rockers the Primitives are hoping to release a new album of material “pretty soonish.” On the band’s Facebook page, guitarist Paul Court first broke the news of their intentions to release a new album, but hinted at the sound of the songs they’ve recorded thus far: ”

“[We’ve] been in the studio recently having fun with vintage fuzz and marimba. A couple of brand new songs have been recorded – a cute little heart melter called ‘Never Kill A Secret’ – imagine the Carpenters gatecrashing the Banana Album, and ‘Rattle My Cage’ – a fuzzified girlpop stomper.”

More after the jump.

Last year, the band returned to the stage after 17 years apart, which Court attributed the reunion solely to “nostalgia.” However, after adding more dates to their initial promise of a few shows after the death of original bassist Steve Dullaghan, those dates snowballed into a full European tour and added one date in the United States as well.

As for now, the Primitives have only two September dates lined up in Spain and England, but the band said they hope to return to the U.S. “hopefully in the fall.”


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