Yoko: “Don’t Hold Your Breath” on Beatles Downloads.

Yoko Ono Would Like to Remind You Her Eyes are Up Here, Mister.

Despite the fact that their recordings are widely available elsewhere, the Beatles/Apple negotiations continue to rage on. After the latest negotiations between Apple Inc. and the Beatles’ Apple Corps., the hopes of making the Beatles music available through iTunes are still diminished. Avoiding any details of the meetings, Yoko Ono would only comment to the press, “There’s just an element (of the deal) that we’re not very happy about, as people. We are holding out.”

The original disagreement goes back to the founding of Apple Computers as a company, where in an effort to avoid confusion between the two companies, the Beatles’ Apple Corps. demanded that Apple may never become active in the music industry. However, after the release of the iPod and MP3 software iTunes, the Beatles felt these products were a violation of their original agreement.


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