‘appy Birfday, Keef.

Too Much Rock for One Bass Drum.

On this day, in 1946, a baby was born. A SON! A SON! A SON!

More like a Moon, though, amirite?!

More tribute, less bad jokes after the jump.

Keith Moon’s frantic, undisciplined energy put the final cap on the raw power and angst of Pete Townshend’s songs, and he was one hell of a charismatic star both on and off the stage. He taught generations of young drummers (including Ringo’s kid, Zac — who is currently the Who’s touring drummer — and god willing he still has that job in a few months time!) how to beat the skins with passion, and he taught Oasis how to cut their hair.

Unfortunately, he, like so many drummers of his time — two, I suppose — was taken away from us very early in his life, despite the specific directions of a chair telling God NOT to do so.


Enough of the wise cracks. Here’s Keith at his absolute finest form.

Does it get any better than the infamous “Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” performance, complete with the drum, so stuffed with cherry bombs, that it would be attributed as the cause Pete Townshend’s tinnitus, and pieces of cymbals would cut up Keith after? More than that, it’s a classic show of the Who’s manic shows, and Keith’s irrepressible personality. Also, the look on John Entwhistle’s face when Pete smashes his guitar is priceless, and he holds onto his bass for dear life.

My all time favorite Who song, all time favorite performance — by anyone, anywhere, ever. Watch it a few times.

RIP, Keith. You’re dearly missed.


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