Details of Stooges Doc Emerge.

Iggy Pop and Jim Jarmusch, with Cate Blanchett,

As we reported last week, Jim Jarmusch was approached by Iggy Pop to make a Stooges flick. After All Tomorrow’s Parties this weekend, where the Iggy and the Stooges performed Raw Power in it’s entirety, Mr. Jarmusch sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss the details of the documentary. To say the least, it’s going to be quite a grandiose project.

And those details are after the jump.

Promising more than your average discussion-and-archive footage documentary (which the director called ‘talking head’-style doc), Mr. Jarmusch assures that the process of making this movie is far from over, and may even take years. The goal, he says, is to go beyond just the life of Iggy Pop and his career, but to really mine the entire mythology and history of the iconic proto-punk band.

Perhaps the most exciting detail will be the inclusion of new, original Stooges music featuring Ron Asheton, who passed away in January of 2009. Prior to his death (and assuming this was also after the Stooges’ last album, 2008’s The Weirdness) Ron and Scott recorded a few tracks together. For the project, Iggy wrote and performed lyrics over the material, which Mr. Jarmusch received permission to use. He also hinted that the soundtrack will also include music recorded by the reformed Iggy and the Stooges featuring James Williamson on guitar.

To say the least, a lot of these details are very exciting, but the fact that Mr. Jarmusch says he isn’t even finished shooting new footage of the band is a little disconcerting. Yes, it’s cool that Iggy and the Stooges are still going, but may I remind you that the dude is 63 years old? There’s only so much more abuse that body (as fairly well-preserved it may be) could possibly take. To put that in context, Pete Townshend is two years older than Iggy, and Mick Jagger is four years his senior — and I mention that because those are two guys that a lot of critics say should retire from the young man’s game of rock and roll.

Then again, rock and roll is what keeps you young. Jerry Lee Lewis still makes a go of it, and so does Chuck Berry. They may not be doing the level of work that the arena guys do, but they still keep going. So why can’t Iggy Pop, who’s worked the line between club-only tours and arenas, keep going? Frankly, I couldn’t imagine anything more fitting than Jim Jarmusch filming Iggy at twilight, working until he just can’t smear broken glass over himself anymore.


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