The Jam’s “Sound Affects” Deluxe Reissue Due in November.

The Jam’s fifth album, 1980’s Sound Affects is getting a full deluxe reissue, complete with eight bonus tracks previously unreleased. Marking the 30th Anniversary of the album’s release, the reissue will feature the original U.K. track line up (starting with “Pretty Green,” whereas in the U.S. where “Start!” was the first track), a total of 22 bonus tracks which includes demos, B-sides, and alternate takes, and a 24-page booklet of sleeve notes by John Harris, a new interview with Paul Weller, and new photographs and artifacts of the time.

Of particular note, the eight unreleased tracks include demo versions of “Pretty Green” and “Start!” — the latter of which is based on the solos and bassline of the Beatles’ “Taxman” from the album Revolver — and a cover of the Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset.”

Check out the track listing after the jump!

1. “Pretty Green”
2. “Monday”
3. “But I’m Different Now”
4. “Set The House Ablaze”
5. “Start!”
6. “That’s Entertainment”
7. “Dream Time”
8. “Man In The Corner Shop”
9. “Music For The Last Couple”
10. “Boy About Town”
11. “Scrape Away”

1. “Start!”
2. “Liza Radley”
3. “That’s Entertainment”
4. “Pretty Green”
5. “Pop Art Poem”
6. “Rain”
7. “Boy About Town”
8. “Dream Time”
9. “Dead End Street”
10. “But I’m Different Now”
11. “Scrapeaway”
12. “Start!”
13. “Liza Radley”
14. “And Your Bird Can Sing”
15. “Monday”
16. “Get Yourself Together”
17. “Set The House Ablaze”
18. “Boy About Town”
19. “No One In The World”
20. “Instrumental”
21. “Waterloo Sunset”

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