Velvet Underground’s Maureen Tucker a Tea Party Supporter.

Maureen Tucker led a fairly quiet life post-Velvets.

Former Velvet Underground drummer has made some light ripples in the press lately when she was spotted at a tea party rally. Since then, there’s been some minor outrage and shock in that a member of the Velvet Underground has come out in support of what is considered a significantly liberal band — what, being so closely tied to the New York art scene of the mid-1960s, whose lyrics were often profane explorations of drug abuse and pan-sexual hedonism and all.

Continue reading after the jump, the video and an interview with Ms. Tucker.

Tucker appears at about the 2:40 mark below.

And since then, she’s been interviewed in her local press about what it means to be a Tea Party supporter.

While I have no political grudge against her beliefs, or think any differently, I have to put in my two cents. First, it is a shame that in her own words, Tucker was admittedly ignorant of the issues until the Tea Party movement — giving an example for the belief that Tea Party supporters are simply angry and poorly informed.

But shame on the press for questioning her in such a way that implies it shocking for there to be a conservative rock musician out there. Yes, she was in the Velvet Underground, and yes, like many of the major, theatrical, supposedly anti-establishment artists out there (the article lists Johnny Ramone and Alice Cooper specifically), she also happens to run right.

Good rock and roll is apolitical, no matter who is in the band, and no matter what way they lean. The best things that become representative of a scene or a movement is that which simply exists to serve it, and not muse on it or preach.

Before you ask: No, she’s not working on anything, so don’t go there either.


One response to “Velvet Underground’s Maureen Tucker a Tea Party Supporter.

  1. I haven’t clicked on the video…because I don’t wanna cry. I always thought the VELVET was overrated and it really took us to 1974 to discover what they’d been doing in 1967. One or two gems I might admit. I never liked them. I mean when you have THE ELECTRIC PRUNE, THE MUSIC MACHINE and The REMAINS, u don’t need the Velvet Untergrunt. They were just a side show for Warhol cour des miracles. Astrid Von Lickenburg.

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