Greenhornes Preview New Album!

They’ve already picked up three stars from Rolling Stone, and a vote of seven out of ten from Spin. So is this the moment for the Greenhornes to break out and shine? Currently signed to Jack White’s Third Man Records label, things couldn’t be sweeter for the band from Cincinnati. And they want to give you an opportunity to hear what’s so great about their new album, firsthand.

After the jump: more  on the Greenhornes latest!

Presumptively titled “Four Stars” (or “****,” I’m not really too sure), the preview suggests that the Greenhornes have grown up a bit, and certainly for the better. Craig Fox’s voice is perhaps a little more worn than I recall it on classics like “Pattern Skies,” but the songwriting has matured so much, that to continue to call their band ‘retro’ feels insulting. Sure, it’s patented pop-rock, pure and true, but that doesn’t make the Greenhornes any less magical in the pursuit of greatness.

ANYWAY: You can preview three tracks from their latest album, “Four Stars” for free by clicking on the link here.


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