Richard Lester’s Black Comedies at the 92 Y Tribeca.

Richard Lester, the man who directed the Beatles in Help! and A Hard Day’s Night, as well as the two Superman sequels in the 80’s, celebrates his 79th birthday tomorrow, January 15th. Over at the 92Y Tribeca here in NYC, they’re celebrating by having a mini-festival of his films tonight, Friday January 14th, focusing on black comedies in the late 1960’s. The program kicks off with 1969’s The Bed-Sitting Room, about a war that lasts two minutes, twenty-eight seconds (don’t worry, the film is a bit longer than that), then follows up with John Lennon’s only non-Beatles film role in How I Won the War, credited as an “anti-anti-war film.” The program ends with the 1965 Palme d’Or winner, The Knack. . . And How to Get It, a sex comedy made between his two Beatles flicks.

Guaranteed to be a night of pop art film mastery and highly awkward British dry wit!

The program starts at 7:30pm tonight, over at the 92Y Tribeca, located at 200 Hudson Street, between Desbrosses and Vestry.


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