Remixers and Nerds United: Multi-Track Site!

Just a quick heads up, but this is impossibly cool. For those amateur remixers and DJs who wish they had single tracks from a song’s multitrack final mix, or alternate takes or studio takes or whatever, this is the site for you. Studio Multitracks hosts YouTube versions of isolated tracks for your listening (and potentially mixing) pleasure. Keep in mind, these tracks are in real time, so they match the actual runtime of the original finished track, so don’t expect something neatly edited and compressed.

A personal favorite thus far? The Gregorian Choir-quality of Roger Daltrey’s isolated vocals on “Amazing Journey.”


UPDATE 6:45pm: After fooling around with the site a little while longer, I’m actually going to have to say this funky demo version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is pretty great. I’ve heard it before, and if you’re as big a fan of the Who as you SHOULD be to order and listen to Pete Townshend’s Lifehouse Chronicles, you will find this absolute gem.


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