The Love Me Nots Reveal Album Title, Tease Next Single.

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On that note, a quick update on the Love Me Nots, who recently announced their tour and album plans, as well as celebrated the return of Jay Lien behind the kit.

From Phoenix, AZ, The Love Me Nots (Now with 33% MORE Jay Lien!)

They’ve recently spilled the title of the new album, The Demon and the Devotee, and that their new single, “I’m Gonna Be Your Girl,” will be released next week online. Be sure to watch their Facebook for that.

When the album is released (sometime next month) be sure to check it out on Project Infinity (LP, with on-line download access), or from Bad Reputation (for those who like to skip around, and not listen to the album cover-to-cover, like some kind of MAD man).


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