Another Year, Another Kinks Reunion Rumor.

Much like the endless speculation over whether any classic rock acts will reunion, especially regarding the Mighty Zep or the troubled-but-certainly-welcome Daltrey and Townshend-only form of the Who, we now turn our attention to Ray Davies and the Kinks.

Oh, before we even bother talking about this, we have to listen to this classic. From 1993’s Phobia, here’s “Hatred (A Duet)”.

After the jump, proof that Hatred really will keep the Kinks together.

When asked about Dave Davies’ comments that a Kinks reunion tour would be like “a remake of ‘Night of the Living Dead,'” Ray took this to mean he was talking about comeback and reunion tours in general. But, in response to Dave being completely unwilling to go along, Ray says that may be the possibility. Despite the death of original bassist Pete Quaife last year, on June 23, Ray says he’s willing to go on the road with just himself and original drummer Mick Avory, who was replaced in 1984 by Bob Henrit. Ray also joked that “was always the pretty kid. So maybe he feels that way about himself but we’ll do it without him if we have to. The music is the issue.”

Sibling rivalry aside, would Dave Davies be in a good condition to play guitar for a tour? While it’s been almost seven years since his stroke in June 2004, and certainly adequate time to recover, the stress of a tour would be a considerable factor for how long and to what strength the band would work. Plus, as Ray posited earlier, what would make it worth his while is whether or not they would play new material, so as to avoid the threat of being the dreaded ‘nostalgia’ act. The band has been claiming to write new material and intend to plan a new release of previously unheard material for a year now. And even then, of that unreleased material, how much of it will be worth listening to, when the Kinks have had a notoriously poor history of maintaining their own record documentation?!

Sounds like just plain talk to me; but when Ray Davies posts his tour schedule, you’ll be able to find it here. ‘Til then, what are your hopes for the Kinks’ future? Comment below!


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