Beach Boys’ Lost Album ‘Smile’ To Be Released in 2011

Well, sort of.

Sort of?! You mean, we're just going to have to keep waiting here?!

In an attempt to prolong his rivalry with Axl Rose, Brian Wilson has thrown his support behind Capitol Records’ decision to release the original recordings intended to be the Beach Boys’ album “Smile.” Calling the release “The Smile Sessions,” this is meant to be the final word on the long-delayed and fabled album, intended to be released in 1967.

Many of the songs recorded from this time have seen release on subsequent Beach Boys releases, most of which was on Smiley Smile, which at the time was criticized for being under-produced compared to the strengths of Pet Sounds. However, Bill Gagnon, from EMI, has said that the main reason why it’s being released now is that there’s now full support from the band to release the tapes. “Everybody is on board now,” he said.

At this point, it is unknown what will be released on the album, as it was never officially arranged, nor is it known WHEN it will be released. EMI simply promises that it will see the light of day in 2011. What is known is that the album is rather incomplete, as not all vocal and instrument parts have been recorded. Instead, this is intended to be an estimation of what the original Smile intended to be.

For other fans, you could always trust Brian Wilson’s solo version of Smile released in 2004, and recorded with his touring band.

In a completely unrelated story, Pete Townshend is perfectly fine with never releasing Lifehouse.


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