Zemeckis’ “Yellow Submarine” Sinks; Disney Halts Production

A hallmark of 60’s animated brilliance by embracing everything that psychedelia was about (i.e.: colors, innocence, cosmic submersibles), Yellow Submarine captured the imaginations of the children, adults, childish adults, and man-children all over the world. Even though they initially had no input on the film whatsoever, it even won over the Beatles, who (despite their recent disappointment with the reception of the Magical Mystery Tour movie) took a moment to bookend the film with this classic cinematic moment:

Well, Mr. Robert Zemeckis, director of classic flicks Back to the Future and Forest Gump, decided to take it upon himself to re-do the whole thing with motion-capture animation, as he has with his recent flicks, Beowolf, A Christmas Carol, and The Polar Express, all of which were criticized for being ‘creepy’ in terms of the ineffectiveness of animating the human face to perfection.

The studio who initially signed on for the project, Disney, has decided to stop these shenanigans, and pull out of support for the movie. While some are citing Zemeckis’ most recent flop, Mars Needs Moms as the cause of Disney losing interest, it is reported that the project was already in danger long before the Mars opening, when Disney first shut down Zemeckis’ studio, ImageMovers Digital, and when a meeting with the surviving Beatles (and representatives from the Harrison and Lennon estates) never came to fruition.


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