Townshend: “I Would Have Never Even Joined a Band”

What? You're looking as if there's, like, I don't know, three guys behind me.

It seems like Pete Townshend can’t go one interview without saying something that may upset even the most dedicated of Who fans. From waving away fan’s protests against using Who songs for television shows and ads, to the state of the actual band he’s in, Pete Townshend loves to challenge what people expect of him.

In a new interview with Uncut magazine, prepared for a special retrospective on the Who, Pete Townshend said, chiefly among his regrets about his career was that joining the band in the first place.

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Specifically, when asked what he would have done differently, Pete said this:

“I would never have joined a band. Even though I am quite a good gang member and a good trooper on the road, I am bad at creative collaboration.”

OKAY! SO: He is bad at creative collaboration. I know some people are going to get all riled up and start saying that he hates his fans and doesn’t appreciate what’s come together just to make his music possible. THAT IS NOT THE CASE!

Saying he’s bad at creative collaboration is, in my view, a frank and honest admission to the balance of the band. It’s been said for years that the Who were less a band than “four people competing on stage.” Likewise, when you look at the songwriting credits, it’s not like the scale was ever particularly balanced. Sure, certain elements have come from suggestions from the other band members, but it’s always been credited to Townshend, less otherwise noted. That he wouldn’t have started the band on principal of being a poor collaborator is  not bad mouthing the other members of the band, living or dead (he is still an active, performing, and potentially recording member of the Who, alongside original singer Roger Daltrey).

Yet, with such a comment now out in the open, and the public willing to rumor and discuss and analyze as they will, this does put a rather sour forecast on what may become of the Who’s potential to tour in the coming years. Dare I say it, it’s possible that the potential for the rumored project Floss may not come together as a Who release, but instead see light as a Pete Townshend solo effort.

However this may affect the band’s relationship and future, I think it’s important to remember that Pete has always been a controversial interview, and there’s no reason to get hot-headed about it already.

Besides. . . It’s the singer, and not the song, that makes the music move along.


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