Audio: The Ramones Live, 1978; Video: Old Monster Movie Trailers!

This one’s just plain simple, no need for a complicated intro: someone scored a soundboard recording of the Ramones performing live at the Poladium in 1978; 26 songs clocking in just under an hour.

And for some reason, the person who found this incredible recording (it’s pretty mint), felt it was necessary to put it to old horror and monster movie trailers. Whatever, they’re cool to look at and are . . . KIND of related, I guess.

For the uninitiated: The Ramones were notoriously fast live — in the early days, they would be given 30 minutes of time, but be done in less than half that time. So it’s impressive that they did 26 songs for even close to the house. But what’s more impressive is Joey Ramone’s vocals sounding pitch-perfect as he was on record. The rest of the band is sloppy, given the speed (d’uh), but this recording should stand as another document proving Joey Ramone’s greatness as a rock vocalist.

Video after the jump.


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