Update: John Lennon a Republican? Publicist: No He Wasn’t.

As previously reported, a new documentary, Beatle Stories, featured an interview wherein former and final assistant Fred Seaman claimed to know a different side of John Lennon, one where he was embarrassed by his own work and lyrics in “Imagine,” and that he was a closeted admirer of Ronald Reagan. Now, Lennon’s publicist, Eliot Mintz, has come forward to dismiss this as garbage, and merely the act of someone trying to get attention for an on-coming cinematic release.

His main case in point? Just listen to John’s interviews: that’s his personal expression, from ’71 to the very end in ’80, where all of his beliefs and ideals are still very much the same. Furthermore, that Seaman “[had] his memory … refreshed at the same time his documentary’s release date was imminent.”

Well. . . Looks like we got a smackdown on our hands, and an intreguing one due to how closely people associate John Lennon to the world of international politics and beliefs. Rather than go on any further, I will just say that I do anticipate seeing the movie, for reasons other than John Lennon’s politics, and maintain that Lennon always has been a dick to the very end.


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