The Raconteurs to Take Stage in Brooklyn (Michigan); Creem to Re-launch.

They'll probably be doing something like this!

As part of the headlining acts for the inaugural MI Fest (that’s short for Michigan Festival, to be sure), the Raconteurs will take the stage for the first time since the tour supporting their second album ended, it was announce on Wednesday. The band includes Detroit natives Brendan Benson and Jack White. Though a full performer’s list has yet to be released, other Third Man Records acts will also perform, as well as fellow Michigan rockers, such as the Romantics, Mitch Ryder, the Howling Diablos, Mark Farner (of Grand Funk Railroad), among others. The full press release can be found at the MI Fest website.

Tickets are currently on sale for $79. You already missed the deadline to get early bird tickets, so don’t even ask.

More festival information after the jump.

Being the first MI Fest, the festival seeks to highlight the very best of Michigan, including Michigan-based restaurants such as Kona shaved ice, American Coney Island, and Jacque’s Tacos, as well as beer provided by Badass Beer, which is Kid Rock’s uh . . . brew, I guess . . . made by the Michigan Brewing Company of Webberville.

And if that’s not enough awesome shit about Michigan to convince you to get your ass to MI Fest, Creem Magazine will be on hand to sell merch relating to the state’s (read: Detroit’s) rich musical history. The press release also mentions that there is an attempt to re-launch the magazine, which closed after moving to NYC, in the near future (so, please go and give money to Creem, okay?) For those who don’t know about it, all you need to know is that it was the first magazine to cover acts like the Stooges, the MC5, Mitch Ryder, and Parliament-Funkadelic, as well as host rock luminaries like Lester Bangs and Dave Marsh.

The festival will take place at the Michigan International Speedway, in Brooklyn, MI. It takes place September 17th.

Look, if one event is going to A) Bring the Raconteurs back together, and B) Give a reason for Creem to relaunch, not to mention C) Bring Michigan’s state economy out of the red, and D) Give attention to the incredible music that Detroit has given to this world, I can’t help but think this is going to be something worth supporting in full. LET’S MAKE MI FEST HUGE, bigger than Lollapalalalala, Gathering of the Who’s-it’s-Faces, or any of the other lousy festivals out there.

The Raconteurs are reuniting people! GET EXCITED!


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