Bob Dylan’s Grandson, Pablo, is a Rapper.

He's Got. . . Somebody's. . . Good(?). . . Looks.

You know, I could probably write a longer entry, but I really want to leave this up to you as you listen to it. I could entertain the thought of the younger Dylan sampling the older Dylan (Blond on Blond has got the sickest beats, yo), but, again, I think this is just another entry in young men taking their blood lineage for granted. Who didn’t think that of Jakob Dylan when he struck it big with the Wallflowers? Or Hank Williams III? Or Julian Lennon? Or Sean Lennon, for that matter. It just is what it is.

STILL: Does this kid really grasp just how fucking big his granddad truly is? This kid’s grandfather is BOB FUCKING DYLAN. BOB FUCKING BLOND ON BLOND, BLOOD ON THE TRACKS DYLAN. According to the AV Club article that introduced me to this kid, he said “My grandfather, I consider him the Jay-Z of his time.” And in the song, he does briefly mention the legacy he has to live up to, but nothing more that suggests it’s line for the sake for rhyme. I just. . . I just don’t. . . I’m not familiar with the thing I’m listening to.

Well, listen to it yourself. His mixtape, 10 Minutes is available for free download. The first single (I guess?), “Top of the World” is posted below.

Then again, I suppose it’s only right. As far as I could remember, Bob Dylan NEVER wrote a bridge, and rap rarely ever has a bridge. So there’s that.


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