Jagger’s Super Group, ‘SuperHeavy,’ debuts new single and promo video.

After Keith Richards so thoroughly embarrassed Sir Mick, Mick Jagger has been busy with preparing a new super group, ‘SuperHeavy’ that consists of Joss Stone, Damien Marley, Dave Stewart, and A.R. Rahman. The first single, “Miracle Worker,” has been released, with a full album to follow in September.

The track can be heard here, and the promotional video of the band putting together their other songs, can be found below.


Yeesh. Not to take away from bands that have a wide range of influences, but let’s face it, when there’s too many cooks, you spoil the soup. What’s irritating to comment on this, is that every one of the individual players of SuperHeavy are in top form. Stone is her usual soulful self, Damien Marley brings a great energy to the song, and Mick just burns his lines when he gets the spotlight. But this is, dare I say it, almost too complex to enjoy. It’s hard to listen to the overall product when there’s some cool elements within, and others that just clash against one another in a cacophony orchestrated in anger at Keith Richards (yeah, this’ll show ’em).



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