Spotify Playlists to Practice Your Moves To

Spotify became available in the states not too long ago, and apparently, they’re shutting the doors on the free ride some time soon. Either way, if you have the program, there are two playlists I HIGHLY recommend if you want to get a good dance party going — I have not listening to much else in the past few days. Both come courtesy of the folks from the Mod Culture site — a great source for all your Mod needs.

The first is called “Uptight!” from a DJ named Marc McNulty — it’s not too deep, but most of the stuff on here is chock full of Northern Soul classics, a good sampling of legit Mod bands of the day (plus the Jam), and great pop-jazz to get you a-steppin’ in your living room. Check it out here.

The other list comes courtesy of a DJ named David Jackson called “Blowin’ Up My Mind” — it’s much shorter, but it has some nice choice cuts of some lesser known Motown-style girl groups. Definitely worth a listen if you’re looking to expand your girl group horizons. Blow Up your Mind over here.

If you got any playlists you think are worth sharing, let us know! Post in the comments!


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