Looking Back on Northside 2012: These United States at Knitting Factory


Given their frenetic touring schedule, and the high-praise they have received from blogs and print alike, it’s a wonder how These United States remain aloof among those well-versed music lovers who wear their idiosyncrasies on their sleeves who call themselves Alt-country fans.

Even when dropping the pretentions that come with having SPIN and NPR Music say really nice things about them, These United States create such a warm, folky vibe (but still hard enough to get the rockers in the crowd moving) that makes their under-the-radar only success a bit more of a head-scratcher. But anyone at their Northside Festival party (advertised as a Record Release show, albeit inconsistently) would give those familiar with Jesse Elliot’s beat leaning-lyrics and the band’s smooth country-rock that recalls a harder version of the Band, a definitive answer, for better and worse.

[Read the rest of this review at TheMusic.fm]


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