Local Beat: Katie’$ Money

On average, I do not have much of a stomach for anything close to the realm of power-pop. It’s far too conservative of a sound and approach to consider having but a few songs in your collection to think of it as ‘great’ or ‘ever-lasting.’ Regardless, when it comes to local talents, bands like Katie’$ Money, which I saw last night at Pete’s Candy Store here in Brooklyn, make terrific live shows good to take your best girl out dancing.

Well, without my best girl to go, a good friend of mine and I sat and appreciated the sheer power that Katie’$ Money brought to the tiny Pete’s stage. In your face, pleasantly aggressive, and with one hell of a rhythm section (it’s always nice to have a bassist play double-duty and be both rhythmic rock and melodic-wave for your band), Katie’$ Money put on a fantastic set of dance-able rave-ups and spit-in-the-face ballads that still blazed by.

As far as I know, their next show is next Tuesday at the National Underground (where they’ve held a Tuesday night spot this month), but check them out on Facebook for future dates. Below, is their latest single, “Dutch Expectations,” but their website has even more! Dig it!

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