Welcome, welcome, one and all to your new home for everything garage rock. Your search for a more complete rock and roll experience has yeilded this blog, a space to hear new bands, and revisit classic artists and albums. Here, you can get information on tours, upcoming releases, and suggestions on where to find some of the best basement record shops across the country. Within these pages, you’ll be given a more thorough intimacy of the artists you love. This is not a blog for people who download whatever, enjoy it for the moment, then move on to the next post. This is for every one who wants to know who plays on what track, what they were wearing the day of the recording, and what whisky they drank to celebrate the release. This is an immersive music experience.

From the blues, to the British Invasion(s), to the psyched-out, mods, rockers, mockers, to all the teen-hall heroes across every Main St. in America will be featured here, alongside the artists who carry the torch now. It’s not just a place to learn about rock, it’s also a place to share the music you’re passionate about. This everybody’s place to celebrate the ethereal communion based in raw power and noise; in wisdom, youth, and the wisdom of youth; the pride in being a pariah; in the spirit of rock and roll as it was, as it is, as it should always be.

This is the Electric Comic Book.


About the Author.

The Electric Comic Book is maintained by DJ ‘Deep’ Dave, host of “Off the Deep End” (formerly on VIC Radio, now available in Podcast), and temporary host of WICB’s Rockumentary. He is the process of putting “Off the Deep End” into syndication. He currently lives in New York, and can be reached at DeepDaveDJ@gmail.com