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The Blues Magoos on Kraft Music Hall, “Tobacco Road”

Honestly, this is just psychedelic rock at its peak at its best, with a studio television program that understood the aesthetics of the style of the music, and doing the band justice. It’s excessive in places, but since when does psych-rock understand restraint? Never!

The Mountain Goats May Have Put On the Best Alternative Show I’ve Ever Seen.

That’s an oddly specific title, and I should really explain — especially considering I had the title in mind as I was coming up with the idea, or rather, the idea is the headline. Either way, I’d like to elaborate.

I’m not terribly familiar with The Mountain Goats. My girlfriend got me into them, and I’ve been intermittent about my enthusiasm about them, seeing as I am averse to most things folk, or quirky, or particularly attached to having emotions come before all else. Still, I adore The Sunset Tree and their latest, Transcendental Youthwas among my favorite records last year, certainly in the top ten. I saw them live for the first time before I knew anything beyond the ‘big’ songs (“No Children,” This Year,” “Love Love Love,” as most people have told me) in Boston at the House of Blues, simply because I knew my girlfriend was into them. After that, I’ve been enthusiastic about getting into the band further, because they put on a terrific live show. It was with this in mind that my girlfriend and I planned to see them at the Church on the Green in New Haven, CT. But unfortunately, my better half came down with an illness, so I went alone (well, with a last-minute friend who was willing to tag, but had no real inclination to see this or any other band, really) up to New Haven to see John Darnielle and Peter Hughes rep the full band in a Protestant Church. And short of a week later, I’ve come to realize just how special this show truly was, and not just for it’s immediate uniqueness (after the jump, I’ll indulge), but because it may have been the indie rock show to which all others SHOULD be judged.

Alone, in the rain, and in a place no Jewish boy should ever set foot without proper invitation, I determined that the Mountain Goats had put on the best alternative/indie show, I’ve ever seen.

After the jump, details and what have you, about the things you do for love, love, love.

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Bootleg: Talking Heads at Stardust Ballroom, in LA September 28, 1979


Every once in a while, I get on these kicks for the Talking Heads. I was never a huge fan growing up, and I still prefer the primitive-but-arty qualities of their CBGB brethren, Television. But, unfortunately, Television’s relative inaccessibility compared to Talking Heads’ innate funkiness leaves me wanting more bootlegs than I’m able to find. There’s some out there, but not as many as I would hope — nothing like The Blow-Up or Live at the Old Waldorf, but those are also official. Oh well.

Still, hearing a bootleg from that era of any of the CBGB bands is something special to behold, and this one thus far has been my favorite. Blog-friend Sarah sent it over to me this morning, and it has vastly improved my mood despite being sick.

At this show, the Talking Heads seem to be embracing a little more of the wilder aspects of ‘punk,’ sounding far more aggressive than usual, while David Byrne is deeper into his nervous stage persona. He growls through his teeth, shakes, and sweats throughout the show, while the rest of the band match his fervor with intense attack and release. There’s tension in this show, and gives me reason to enjoy Talking Heads a little bit more.

Check it out over at Aquarium Drunkard.

Talking Heads, Live at CBGB, Dec. 1975.

Well, well, well. Lookie at what we found here! The title says it all, folks! In glorious black and white, awkward-vision!

Set List:

1) “Psycho Killer”

2) “Tentative Decisions”

3) “With Our Love”

4) “I Wish You Wouldn’t Say That”

5) “I’m Not In Love”

6) “96 Tears”

7) “No Compassion”

Review: King Khan and the Shrines at the House of Vans (with the Everymen, Nicky Da B).

All Photos by Charles Poladian,

Dark clouds rolled over Brooklyn in the most ominous way on Thursday, July 26th. Dense layers of storm clouds gave an early sundown over the House of Vans in Greenpoint, where music lovers are treated to a concert within their converted indoor skate park, and enjoy free brews and cheap eats outdoors. But as those clouds piled up and darkened the outdoor brew tables and grease trucks, fans were crowded inside early, and treated to an early start to a night of intense rock and roll salvation (with a break for some odd, gimmicky rap – more on that in a minute).

After the Jump: Soul, Psych, Gospel, and Rump Shakin’!

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Looking Back on Northside 2012: These United States at Knitting Factory


Given their frenetic touring schedule, and the high-praise they have received from blogs and print alike, it’s a wonder how These United States remain aloof among those well-versed music lovers who wear their idiosyncrasies on their sleeves who call themselves Alt-country fans.

Even when dropping the pretentions that come with having SPIN and NPR Music say really nice things about them, These United States create such a warm, folky vibe (but still hard enough to get the rockers in the crowd moving) that makes their under-the-radar only success a bit more of a head-scratcher. But anyone at their Northside Festival party (advertised as a Record Release show, albeit inconsistently) would give those familiar with Jesse Elliot’s beat leaning-lyrics and the band’s smooth country-rock that recalls a harder version of the Band, a definitive answer, for better and worse.

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Live Review and Pics: The Gories at the Bell House, with Mighty Fine and Mark Sultan, 1-28-12

Again, working with the great folks over at, I was given the chance to see Detroit’s legendary houserockers, the Gories at the Bell House in Brooklyn. The show openers, Mighty Fine, and Mark Sultan (of King Khan and BBQ Show fame), and the Gories themselves were all excellent. In short: if you have the chance to see any of these bands at any time, go. All of them are outstanding, and seeing them in one night was a show I’ll never forget.

You can read the full review of the show over at website, but after the jump, check out some of my favorite pics from the show!

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The Greatest Live Performance Ever Committed to Tape. Ever.

Just quick post: I was watching this for the umpteenth time, and realized I never posted it. If you’ve never seen it, prepare your speakers for some Maximum R&B. Ladies and gentlemen, the great live performance by a rock band, ever, ever, ever: The Who, performing “A Quick One, While He’s Away” on the Rolling Stones’ “Rock & Roll Circus” program.

Paul McCartney, Live at Yankee Stadium, July 16, 2011

Dead Man Walkin', Talkin', and Performin' Hits of His Long and Distinguished Career.

At this point, what needs to be said about seeing Paul McCartney live nowadays? That, at the age of 69, he still has energy and passion to perform songs and entertain an audience that consists mostly of older women who want to make sure he’s still got it? Or that the Beatles and Wings tunes still sound incredible, even with just a small backing band? There’s nothing anymore than needs to be said about Paul McCartney, other than that other critics should recognize just how special his music really is. Yes, it’s commercially viable stuff, and more light hearted than the angry John, spiritually enlightened George, or ‘gee-he’s-just-trying-his-best Ringo,’ who often gets better reviews than Paul. The fact is that the man still has a passion for all of his music, and appreciates putting it on for his fans, and even without going into a full recap, I will tell you that my mind was blown at how amazing he truly is.

But yes, a more thorough review is after the jump.

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Black Angels Free Show at South Street Sea Port

Quick reminder, the Black Angels will be taking the stage at the 4Knots Festival today, here in sunny NYC. It’s a free show, and the festival kicks off at 1pm; I don’t believe the Black Angels should be taking the stage until around 9pm, though — at least according to the schedule at GaragePunkNYC. I mean, it’s a psych-rock show, so they shouldn’t be on in the sunny afternoon, right? Right?!

Also playing: Davila 666. And for you turkeynecks who dig indie stuff: Titus Andronicus.