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The Mountain Goats May Have Put On the Best Alternative Show I’ve Ever Seen.

That’s an oddly specific title, and I should really explain — especially considering I had the title in mind as I was coming up with the idea, or rather, the idea is the headline. Either way, I’d like to elaborate.

I’m not terribly familiar with The Mountain Goats. My girlfriend got me into them, and I’ve been intermittent about my enthusiasm about them, seeing as I am averse to most things folk, or quirky, or particularly attached to having emotions come before all else. Still, I adore The Sunset Tree and their latest, Transcendental Youthwas among my favorite records last year, certainly in the top ten. I saw them live for the first time before I knew anything beyond the ‘big’ songs (“No Children,” This Year,” “Love Love Love,” as most people have told me) in Boston at the House of Blues, simply because I knew my girlfriend was into them. After that, I’ve been enthusiastic about getting into the band further, because they put on a terrific live show. It was with this in mind that my girlfriend and I planned to see them at the Church on the Green in New Haven, CT. But unfortunately, my better half came down with an illness, so I went alone (well, with a last-minute friend who was willing to tag, but had no real inclination to see this or any other band, really) up to New Haven to see John Darnielle and Peter Hughes rep the full band in a Protestant Church. And short of a week later, I’ve come to realize just how special this show truly was, and not just for it’s immediate uniqueness (after the jump, I’ll indulge), but because it may have been the indie rock show to which all others SHOULD be judged.

Alone, in the rain, and in a place no Jewish boy should ever set foot without proper invitation, I determined that the Mountain Goats had put on the best alternative/indie show, I’ve ever seen.

After the jump, details and what have you, about the things you do for love, love, love.

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Paul McCartney, Live at Yankee Stadium, July 16, 2011

Dead Man Walkin', Talkin', and Performin' Hits of His Long and Distinguished Career.

At this point, what needs to be said about seeing Paul McCartney live nowadays? That, at the age of 69, he still has energy and passion to perform songs and entertain an audience that consists mostly of older women who want to make sure he’s still got it? Or that the Beatles and Wings tunes still sound incredible, even with just a small backing band? There’s nothing anymore than needs to be said about Paul McCartney, other than that other critics should recognize just how special his music really is. Yes, it’s commercially viable stuff, and more light hearted than the angry John, spiritually enlightened George, or ‘gee-he’s-just-trying-his-best Ringo,’ who often gets better reviews than Paul. The fact is that the man still has a passion for all of his music, and appreciates putting it on for his fans, and even without going into a full recap, I will tell you that my mind was blown at how amazing he truly is.

But yes, a more thorough review is after the jump.

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The Kills Plan World Tour, New Album.

I suppose the Dead Weather are on hiatus for now, because this morning I learned that at Wanda Jackson is currently touring in support of her new album (on which, Jack White is leading the Third Man House Band).

Then, I find the dates for the Kills upcoming tour in my inbox!

Details of the new album, ‘Blood Pressures,’ and the tour dates after the jump.

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Roger Daltrey: The Who will tour 2011.

In an interview on the Who’s official website, Roger Daltrey announced two upcoming projects are in the works, including new music and a tour.

Just to be a tease, here’s the jump! Click for more!

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Bits and Pieces: Jim Jarmusch’s Stooges Doc, Jimi’s London Years, and More.

Okay, so I’m not down on the Twitter thing just yet. We have one, and you can follow us by the clicking the link over to the right. But, like most musicians, I’m trying to hit my stride and make a full report of my items, and I can’t bear to give a headline’s worth of material just yet. Still, I prefer anyway, simply for being able to attach music to each story (and you get twenty more characters than Twitter allows, so there’s that). Either way, if you’d be so kind as to tell me which is preferred, let me know.

Anyway, so much exciting news to discuss! And seeing as I’m backed up, it’s time for a Bits and Pieces Round up once again. A few bluby-type pieces, then on to the meatier stories.


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Paul Weller Tour Dates.

Former Jam leader and punk icon Paul Weller is embarking on a world tour in support of his latest solo effort, Wake Up the Nation, which on one track reunites him with former Jam bassist, Bruce Foxton.

Unfortunately, despite a five-night stop in Dublin, the only dates he’s playing here in the states include one in L.A. and one in New York in Early November. But that’s just over here in the states.

Check out the dates after the jump.

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Rolling Stones to Retire After World Tour.

RIP, Rolling Stones, 1962-1981, 1990-2012.

After nearly 50 years of being the World’s Greatest Rock Band (self-proclaimed), in which they established nearly everything for what a rock and roll band should sound, proving the longevity and relevance of rock music for every critic who said ‘nay,’ and set the gold standard for post-concert debauchery for every band seeking legendary status, the Rolling Stones are rumored to be plotting their retirement.

After one more word tour, that is.

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