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The Jam’s “Sound Affects” Deluxe Reissue Due in November.

The Jam’s fifth album, 1980’s Sound Affects is getting a full deluxe reissue, complete with eight bonus tracks previously unreleased. Marking the 30th Anniversary of the album’s release, the reissue will feature the original U.K. track line up (starting with “Pretty Green,” whereas in the U.S. where “Start!” was the first track), a total of 22 bonus tracks which includes demos, B-sides, and alternate takes, and a 24-page booklet of sleeve notes by John Harris, a new interview with Paul Weller, and new photographs and artifacts of the time.

Of particular note, the eight unreleased tracks include demo versions of “Pretty Green” and “Start!” — the latter of which is based on the solos and bassline of the Beatles’ “Taxman” from the album Revolver — and a cover of the Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset.”

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“Raw Power” to Get Deluxe Reissue.

Iggy and the Stooges’ lone official release “Raw Power” will be getting another reissue, this time in the form of a deluxe/legacy edition. Though the album was re-released in 2006, remastered by Iggy Pop himself, this edition will expand the album to four discs (three CDs, one DVD documentary on the making of the album), and includes a ransom of goodies that includes the original album, David Bowie’s mix of the album, a collection of B-sides, rarities, and bootlegs, and an Atlanta concert from 1973. In addition to all this, a 24-page booklet is including, featuring comments on the Stooges by Henry Rollins, Lou Reed, Joan Jett, and Tom Morello.

The reissue comes courtesy of Columbia/Legacy Recordings, and is due to be released on April 27th, initially only through the Stooges’ official website.

Track Listing:

CD1 (Raw Power):

1) Search and Destroy
2) Gimme Danger
3) Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
4) Penetration
5) Raw Power
6) I Need Somebody
7) Shake Appeal
8 ) Death Trip

CD2 (Georgia Peaches):

1) Introduction
2) Raw Power
3) Head On
4) Gimme Danger
5) Search and Destroy
6) I Need Somebody
7) Heavy Liquid
8 ) Cock in My Pocket
9) Open Up and Bleed
10) Doojiman (outtake)
11) Head On (CBS Studio rehearsal performance)

CD3 (Rarities, Outtakes, & Alternates From the Raw Power Era):

1) I’m Hungry (outtake)
2) I Got a Right (outtake)
3) I’m Sick of You (outtake)
4) Hey, Peter (outĀ­take)
5) Shake Appeal (alternate mix version)
6) Death Trip (alternate mix version)
7) Gimme Danger (alternate mix from the 1996 Iggy “violent” remixes)
8 ) Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell (alternate mix from the 1996 Iggy “violent” remixes)

And here’s a preview of the doc:

– Personally, I’m not as thrilled for this as I would be a re-release of “Funhouse.” Yes, “Funhouse” does have deluxe release, it is only full of alternate takes a demos, most of which do not deviate from their final form. Yes, James Williamson is, technically speaking, the better guitarist, and the songwriting is more dynamic. However, out of the three ‘official’ Stooges albums, “Funhouse” captures the band at their rawest, most desperate. It is reckless, indifferent rock and roll that has no interest in influence. Maybe I’m biased because “Down on the Street” was my first exposure to the group, or maybe because it was produced by the keyboard player from the legendary Kingsmen (Don Gallucci), but compared to the first album (If I may digress,”We Will Fall” was a giant misstep, considering its their third song, and the longest on the first side — and I don’t care if John Cale is the producer. The Stooges ain’t Velvet Underground, and they have no time for your fucking 10-minute viola drone!), “Funhouse” is the only Stooges album to be authentically Stooges. It is energetic, minimal, and bleeds originality.