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Review: King Khan and the Shrines – “Idle No More”

King Khan’s first new full album in six years with the Shrines (though, they also put out an EP in between) is called Idle No More, and it could not be more perfect of a title. It’s self-referential not only for the band’s extended hiatus, but reflects the band’s own penchant for wearing its influences and sources on their sleeves as prophets of high-octane, few-frills rock n’ roll. While it’s difficult to eschew that absurd tendency to recall other bands in trying to define how a given song sounds like X (along the lines of something stupid like, “It’s the Rascals showing up, covered in sweat after a marathon of drugs and playing a set with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins down in Muscle Shoals!”), it becomes difficult when the Shrines are so obvious in where they cull their tunes. Any band that plays with less self-assured confidence would come off as hacky, self-important, self-appointed saviors of rock and roll. The difference is: King Khan and the Shrines just may be those saviors of rock and roll by their prowess first, their historical acumen second.

After the Jump: King Khan and the Shrines kick it old school, as they are wont to do

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Review: King Khan and the Shrines at the House of Vans (with the Everymen, Nicky Da B).

All Photos by Charles Poladian, TheMusic.fm

Dark clouds rolled over Brooklyn in the most ominous way on Thursday, July 26th. Dense layers of storm clouds gave an early sundown over the House of Vans in Greenpoint, where music lovers are treated to a concert within their converted indoor skate park, and enjoy free brews and cheap eats outdoors. But as those clouds piled up and darkened the outdoor brew tables and grease trucks, fans were crowded inside early, and treated to an early start to a night of intense rock and roll salvation (with a break for some odd, gimmicky rap – more on that in a minute).

After the Jump: Soul, Psych, Gospel, and Rump Shakin’!

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King Khan Releases New EP for Free.

I was originally going to post about the new Black Keys single that came out today, “Lonely Boy,” but I figure: we haven’t heard from King Khan in an even longer time, so this is more important.

Working with the Scion A/V series, this is King Khan’s first release since 2009’s Invisible Girl, with BBQ Show. Click on the link here for the nine-song EP, The King Khan Experience, and enjoy the kind of psychedelic punk that only King Khan can provide. Yeah, you have to sign up with the Scion people, so expect some obnoxious e-mails coming your way from that whole thing, but seriously, this is worth it.

(alright, fine: here’s the link to watch the video to Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy.” Sheesh. Cry babies).

Richard “Scar” Lopez, 1945-2010.

'Scar' Lopez, left, with fellow Headhunter, Robert "Rabbit" Jaramillo, at the Chicano Rock festival.

Sad news for garage rockers, soul men, and R&B lovers everywhere: Richard ‘Scar’ Lopez, guitarist of Cannibal and the Headhunters, passed away after fighting lung cancer yesterday. He was 65.

More on Lopez, and a brief history of Cannibal and the Headhunters, after the jump.

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