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Review: “The Next Day” – David Bowie

David Bowie will never have a ‘last album.’ Sure, in terms of time and effort, there may be a few more left in his corporeal being, but he’s the kind of dude who’s entire body of even half-hearted demos can last the demanding public centuries of musical debate. And that’s the other thing: when you’ve had a career as storied, legendary, and ever-changing as his, how do you cap it all off? It’s an impossible task, and I certainly wouldn’t ask  him to.

But what to make of this J.D. Salinger-esque reclusiveness in terms of creative output, besides his many film and television cameos and the occasional word with the press? To, suddenly, release an album out into the world with barely a month’s worth of advance notice, with two music videos to appear prior to the album’s full release, and with a cover virtually irreverent to the man’s own body of work? That cover should be the stuff of debates, given the music on the record and its own presentation of a sort of in-joke, as if the input after Heroes wasn’t worth remembering, and this is exactly what was supposed to follow.

The Next Day doesn’t quite follow that blueprint, though the cover certainly influences it. You can’t say this is the return of Ziggy, or the Thin White Duke, or any other variation of Bowie you can think of. In fact, it simply is The Next Day, but what that says — either as comment on the past or a continuation of Bowie’s impressive oveur — doesn’t matter as much as media types want to have you believe. Yet, I can’t help but feel like there was a twinge of frustration with this record, a need to just release something, just to move on past the speculation about what Mr. Bowie’s been doing all this time.

After the jump, David Bowie takes us to some very familiar territories via strange routes.

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Love Me Nots New Album, Tour in 2011.

It’s been a whole season since we last heard from the Love Me Nots, and they’ve been gracious enough to let us know that in 2011, you can expect their fourth full-length album to be released, with a tour to follow!

From their newsletter, they let word out that the new album (title TBA) is another collaboration with producer Jim Diamond, recorded back in Detroit. Likewise, they’ve also welcomed Jay Lien, their original drummer, back into the band. He appears on the album, and will take the stage for the Love Me Nots gig in Tempe, Arizona. Expect the album sometime in March, 2011.

Upon its release, the band will then tour France in April; no word yet on any US or UK dates at this time. (Dates posted after the jump below).

And finally, they’re also happy to report that lead singer/keyboard player Nicole Laurenne is now cancer-free, happy and healthy. Be sure to stop by their MySpace or Facebook page to send your well-wishes.


After the jump, the Love Me Not’s upcoming French dates (and a few American dates).

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