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The Blues Magoos on Kraft Music Hall, “Tobacco Road”

Honestly, this is just psychedelic rock at its peak at its best, with a studio television program that understood the aesthetics of the style of the music, and doing the band justice. It’s excessive in places, but since when does psych-rock understand restraint? Never!


Them, Live at the NME Reader’s Poll Winner Show, 1965

After some setting up, Them pick up and kick into a great version of “Here Comes the Night.” Ultra rare: Van Morrison keeps his eyes open for a few seconds!


The High Numbers, “Gotta Dance to Keep From Cryin'” (1964)

Chances are, you’ve probably seen the visuals here, as the video was re-purposed for the Who to play behind them during concerts as well as for a video of “Can’t Explain” that I’ve seen floating about. But this seems to sync up to be the real audio to match the visuals.