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The Blues Magoos on Kraft Music Hall, “Tobacco Road”

Honestly, this is just psychedelic rock at its peak at its best, with a studio television program that understood the aesthetics of the style of the music, and doing the band justice. It’s excessive in places, but since when does psych-rock understand restraint? Never!


Find of the Day: Original Version of “Wild Thing” by Jordan Christopher & The Wild Ones

What we have here is the original version of “Wild Thing” — the song made famous by the Troggs in 1966 — by a band called Jordan Christopher and the Wild Ones. It predates the famous (and after listening, much cooler) Troggs record by about six months, being released in November of 1965.

Enjoy the video above, but be sure to actually go to the YouTube page to check out a really cool comment left by a gent claiming to be the keyboard player for the Wild Ones!

Video: Led Zeppelin Rockin’ Eddie Cochrane

A few years ago, in my ignorant teenage years, I thought Led Zeppelin was going to be my end-all, be-all greatest band ever favorite. The guys I got together with to play would sit around and analyze the hell out of the Led Zeppelin DVD and “How the West Was Won” when it came out. And how ignorant were we, when we couldn’t recognize that Led Zeppelin was covering Eddie Cochrane in this performance.

Recently, I’ve dug out my Eddie Cochrane collection, and while dancing to “Somethin’ Else,” I was struck dumb, suddenly overcome with the memory of the video. I haven’t seen this thing in years; it’s collecting cobwebs in my basement already!

Anyway, from their performance at the Royal Albert Hall, Led Zeppelin performing “C’mon Everybody” and “Somethin’ Else.”

Merry Christmas, from Electric Comic Book

First, like any holiday, start it off the Electric Comic Book way!:

And once you’re done dancing, let’s get down to some classics for when you’re stuffed and in need of visual relief.

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The Kills’ “Dropout Boogie” Captain Beefheart cover.

Only because he really was so great, can Electric Comic Book ever stop the Captain Beefheart covers? No. No, we can’t. Sorry.